Monday, February 1, 2021

Three Challenges

 Building a new music system in our homes today presents both technical and personal challenges. We need to make sure that a few things are ready before we start. 

The first challenge is the local network in the home and the feed from the Internet.  While audio is not as intense as say video streaming they both require a stable, consistent internal network.  If the system streams files from the Internet, then some additional requirements have to be met.

The second challenge is placement and system requirements.  Where does the system go to encourage maximum use and enjoyment?  Will it go in a shared space such as a living room?  Is there a spare room dedicated to music?  

The third challenge is the people and adds what additional audio systems are required?  Google Home, etc.  It is best to build a plan and stick with it.  Get everyone on board, set up, and taught how to operate things, play music, etc.

I will address these challenges and much more. You can subscribe to the RSS feed and follow along on Social Media, see the links in the footer.

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